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Hey there! Thank you for stumbling across my website. Whatever the reason, I appreciate you taking the time out to visit my page.

We know why you're here so I'll get straight to it:


It was all thanks to the infamous art website DeviantArt where I discovered my love for photography at the early age of 14. I stumbled across some incredible photographers who are still a huge inspiration in my work. I have 5 years of photography study behind me including high school & an advanced diploma. Since then, I have been working in the industry for 6 years now.

Aside from photography, I love exploring new places, binge-watching a Netflix series, memes, a good burger & vodka. I also enjoy hiking & going to the gym but if we’re out on a shoot trekking up a hill with my camera bag, I will complain.

If you can put up with occasional Kath & Kim references & my lame jokes, then I think we will get along just fine :)

I’m on social media if you want to have a stickybeak! I also have a separate website showcasing my editorial work.

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Jacqui Jakubowski